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Success in Las Vegas!


WE WON!!!!!

On the morning of January 18, Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom tweeted "Magician Jay Owenhouse is withdrawing his request - there will not be a tiger show in District E." And with that, a hard fought battle over the last two months has come to a successful conclusion!

When we learned that Owenhouse was once again trying to bring his "tiger tent" to Las Vegas last November, we immediately sprung into action.

Over the last two months we have:

  • worked closely with numerous animal advocates and animal advocacy organizations,

  • created a dedicated informational webpage,

  • completed numerous interviews with local Vegas press,

  • spoken at two public meetings,

  • organized locals to contact the County Commissioners and to attend the public meetings,

  • developed an informational leaflet that was used to canvass the area of the proposed "tiger tent",

  • met one-on-one with a Clark County commissioner,

  • and undertook countless hours of research coupled with an equal number of interactions with locals in order to field questions about the Owenhouse plan.

If there is more we could have done, we're not sure what it was!

And all this has fortunately resulted in a resounding success. We are extremely grateful to all of those, both local and with national organizations, who stood with us to put an end to this vile project, which would have left tigers in a cage in a noisy desert parking lot for an entire year.

Successes like this one are rare and hard won, so we hope that you will join us in celebrating this win for animals today. We thank everyone who continues to support CWI and our efforts to create a free and fair world for all beings. This is your victory, too! Because we cannot do this work alone.

If Jay Owenhouse tries again in yet another location, or if any entertainment act seeks to come to Las Vegas using animals for profit, we will be there to speak out!

Thank you once again for your support!

Select CWI Press on the "Tiger Tent":

1/13/22 Las Vegas Sun

11/28/21 FOX5 Las Vegas


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