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Ringling Returns...Animal Free!


Did you see the news? Ringling Bros Circus returns! Why are we celebrating? Because they are bringing back a show....without animals!

Nearly a decade ago, CWI was founded with the mission of ending circus cruelty, and Ringling Bros was set as our number one target. We facilitated hundreds of protests, including the final Ringling protest in Long Island, NY on May 21, 2017. We were thrilled when Ringling announced an end to the use of elephants in 2016 and then just one year later closed entirely!

Throughout our multi-faceted campaign, we remained consistent in our message that we wanted to see a "cruelty-free, animal-free Ringling Bros." And we are overjoyed that this is coming to fruition at long last. We wish Ringling and its parent company Feld Entertainment every success with their new, human-centered circus spectacular.

May all circuses follow their forward-thinking lead!


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