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NV Bans Elephant Rides!

On June 2, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed an important bill limiting public interaction with certain wild animals throughout the state.

CWI proudly supported this bill and thanks Nevada State Senator James Ohrenschall for sponsoring this important legislation.

Nicknamed the "Tiger King bill", NV SB344 bans contact between the public and tigers, elephants, many species of bears, and numerous other animals. This means that as of July 1, 2021 no circus that travels to the state of Nevada will be allowed to offer elephant rides as a part of their performance.

CWI has documented numerous circuses using elephants in Nevada over the last seven years. Rides are always offered due to the additional revenue that they bring in for the circus. We remain hopeful that this substantial hit to their bottom line will keep animal-abusing circuses out of Nevada once and for all!


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