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Lolita: 51 Years a Prisoner.

Five decades ago, Lolita was torn from the ocean along with more than 30 other orcas. That day in Washington's Puget Sound was a traumatic one. Orcas, including Lolita, were surrounded by boats and captured in a net. Five orcas died during the melee, including four babies.

Lonely Lolita is the only orca left alive from that horrifying day. But, sadly, her existence is a miserable one. About a month after her abduction, Lolita was placed in a tiny tank at Miami Seaquarium....and she has lived there ever since.

In 2017, CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc visited Lolita and was stunned by the conditions of her confinement. No picture accurately describes exactly how disturbingly small Lolita's tank actually is.

Please share, share, share from our social media as we post information, images, and actions for Lolita through August 8. We must NEVER give up speaking out against the horrible injustice of her imprisonment! You will be able to find shareable items on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.


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