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Las Vegas: Speak Out Against The Tiger Tent


Summary of the situation:

Jay Owenhouse, who owns three tigers, is attempting to come to Las Vegas with his magic show. He wants to house these tigers under a tent in the parking lot near the Strip. He is disingenuously calling the project a "sanctuary" in order to gain sympathy from the public. A project of this nature is illegal according to any reasonable interpretation of the Clark County Code of Ordinances regarding exotic animals; however, during his last application, the County approved the project by creating an unreasonable "go around" of the ordinance.

The project has been through several layers of evaluation, all of which have failed, including with the County planning office and with the unincorporated town of Winchester, which is the area of Las Vegas the project is proposed for. Unfortunately, the Clark County Board of Supervisors has the final word.

Take action now, please!:

If you live in Clark County, please let your County Commissioner know that you oppose the project. Some of them are undecided and YOUR VOICE WILL MATTER! If you would like sample talking points, please let us know by email at Not sure who your commissioner is? Click here.

We encourage you to only contact your own commissioner, to let your commissioner know that this project impacts the whole Valley not just one district, that you expect ENFORCEMENT of our County's exotic animal ordinance, that caging tigers is animal cruelty, and be sure to include your full name and address in your email.

Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Chairman (702) 455-3500

James B. Gibson, Vice Chairman (702) 455-5561

Michael Naft (702) 455-3500

Ross Miller (702) 455-4901

William McCurdy II (702) 455-3239

Tick Segerblom (702) 455-3503

Justin Jones (702) 455-3500 This matter will be considered by the commissioners in January. Stay tuned for more information at our event listing on Facebook.

WE FIGHT ON for the three Owenhouse tigers, who only know life on the road or in a warehouse in Montana with no outdoor access to roam!


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