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Formal Complaint Filed on Behalf of Solomon and Wendell

On July 9, CWI sent a formal complaint to the USDA on behalf of golden tabby tiger Solomon and a lion cub named Wendell. Both animals are presently on tour with the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus, which has upcoming dates in Minnesota and Wisconsin. (Please contact us if you are in one of those states and are willing to get involved!)

Footage provided to us by three concerned circus-goers at two different shows revealed that aging Solomon is still provoked to perform despite the fact that he is suffering from hip issues and shows clear signs of not having an appropriate range of movement. Claims have been made that Solomon had trouble both walking and jumping at a performance in Michigan. We have also learned of a claim by a circus insider that Solomon is being denied pain medication because it makes him "lethargic" and presumedly therefore unable to perform.

We additionally alerted the USDA that the same circus is traveling with a lion cub named Wendell. He was presented with a wound on his nose at a "backstage tour" of the circus, where it also became evident that Wendell is being kept inside a dog crate that is inside a larger cage meant for holding big cats. This is inappropriate housing for a lion cub.

The visitors were informed that the cats with Culpepper & Merriweather are frequently "bopped" on the nose for behavior correction, which could account for the wounds on Wendell's nose and similar injuries occasionally found on other cats performing with the circus.

We have asked the USDA to investigate the evidence and claims made regarding Solomon, Wendell, and the circus and to ensure an independent veterinarian is consulted regarding a complete assessment of the animals. We will update you in a future email regarding Solomon and Wendell!

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