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CWI Sends Appeal to the USDA

Circuses that abuse animals have returned to the road, and they have clearly learned nothing about compassion during the pandemic.

We were horrified by what we found at a recent performance of the Carden International Circus in Bryan, Texas.

As a result of the video footage captured, CWI filed an emergency complaint with the USDA for multiple violations of the Animal Welfare Act on behalf of Betty, Cindy, and Janice. All three elephants demonstrate a critical need for a thorough, independent veterinary review. Betty is of particular concern as she is showing signs of potential organ failure. Watch the video:

It is amazing to us that Carden International has been actively promoting themselves on social media as a business that "loves" its animals "like family". Yet the reality is starkly different. They hire animal handlers who scarcely pay attention to the elephants, who spend more time scratching themselves with bullhooks than creating a safe environment for animals or people, and who only intermittently wear their masks.

Cindy, Janice, and Betty need immediate retirement to sanctuary. The circus farce must end, and it must end before another elephant dies in a circus.

Take action now: sign Betty's petition (note: please DO NOT give money to when they prompt you to give. The money does NOT help Betty!), receive notifications about circuses heading to your area, and Tweet USDA Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and encourage him to take action at @SecVilsack.

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