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Bo is Going to Sanctuary!

Incredible news: Bo the elephant is going to sanctuary. This morning, Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) announced that Bo will be the first elephant they receive at their new facility. He is scheduled to arrive at ERNA on September 23. Bo will no longer suffer the chains and confinement of circus life. He will not be forced to do tricks, give rides, or pose for pictures ever again. We last reported on Bo in May when we were horrified to see Bo at a circus performance in Texas exhibiting stereotypic behavior, a sign of mental or psychological distress in elephants, even while he was eating. You can view that video at this link. Once upon a time, Bo was billed as "World's Smartest Elephant" and he headlined Ringling's biggest tours. He was formerly noted for the amazing array of tricks he performed, as well as his obedience, which was instilled in him from the time he was just one year old when he was ripped from his mother and forced to learn the circus life by one of the cruelest elephant trainers in the U.S. You can read a detailed history of Bo's life at this link.

CWI has been fighting for Bo since our inception. From behind-the-scenes conversations directly with the circus management to public educational efforts, we've never stopped advocating for Bo. Over the last nine years we've collected dozens of hours of observational recordings, have organized or supported hundreds of protests, filed complaints on Bo's behalf with the USDA, petitioned for his release to sanctuary, and shared our videos and educational graphics with hundreds of thousands via our social media. Bo's release to sanctuary shows that animal advocacy works. We will not stop fighting until EVERY elephant confined to circus life gets there. Our work is far from over. Bo may no longer be touring with them, but Carden International Circus is already on the road for the Fall and still has four female elephants in its possession: Betty, Cindy, Janice, and Vicky. We MUST continue advocating for them!

We wish Bo a beautiful retirement and long life in sanctuary. Thank you to everyone who has stood with CWI in the fight for Bo's freedom. We are eternally grateful to everyone who has worked to free Bo from a life of circus abuse. It's a time to celebrate...and then to get back to work!


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