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Betty Found with Weeping Eye in TX!


CWI is sad to report that, prior to going on break for the holidays, Carden International Circus continued to haul four elephants around the country including the long suffering Betty.

CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc personally attended the circus in El Paso, Texas in order to document the condition of the animals. As you may know, Betty suffers from possible trunk paralysis or some other ailment that causes her to leave her trunk on the ground as she walks. To hear the sound of Betty dragging her trunk around and around the vinyl surface of the circus ring with several riders precariously perched on her back was absolutely heartbreaking.

We were especially horrified to see that Betty was also suffering from a continually weeping right eye. Her handler kept a bullhook in one hand and a tissue in the other, which he subtly used to wipe her eye every couple of minutes. Despite the fact that she kept her eye mostly closed during her appearances for the entire evening, they made her give rides at the start, during intermission, and at the end of the circus, as well as perform stupid tricks during the show. Because the circus is about profit, NOT animal care.

CWI immediately filed an emergency complaint with the USDA on behalf of Betty for violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act.

A close up of Betty's eye:

CWI continues to fight for Betty, the other 3 Carden elephants (Vicky, Cindy & Janice), and all of the other elephants, tigers, camels, and other animals that continue to be used and abused by circuses.

Get involved by learning more at our dedicated site: Click here to support our work.


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