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Amazing Progress in Kentucky!


Trunks up for, Kentucky! They have taken an important step against animal cruelty by adopting new regulations that prohibit the use of endangered animals in circuses and thus banning elephant rides. They have also banned the use of exotic animals in local fairs!

CWI has been supporting protests against circuses in Kentucky since 2014. While circuses traveling through the state will still requiring monitoring, and we oppose the use of ALL animals in circuses, the new rules are a wonderful step forward.

Good to know: Elephant rides are critical to the ability of circuses to remain profitable. Circuses frequently offer free tickets to children and make up their profit margins by selling overpriced toys and offering elephant rides at $25 per child. While they will also generally offer camel and pony rides, the elephants bring the greatest profit. Ending elephant rides is an extremely important component of ending circus cruelty!


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