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2023 Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting

February 28, 2023

On Saturday, February 25, CWI hosted our annual Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting (WRATH).

As always, the main rally took place outside of the Safari Club International convention. CWI has been protesting the SCI convention since 2016 when we established our WRATH event following the murder of Cecil the lion in 2015. Until this year, the convention had been hosted in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. However, after hearing the voices of tens of thousands of concerned individuals, Las Vegas refused to host a convention in which the attendees were brandishing lethal weapons.

SCI's move didn't deter us! We followed them to Nashville, TN, where they held their conference at Music City Center, and once again unsuccessfully attempted to ridicule, harass, and intimidate us. Conference attendees approached us holding knives and other paraphernalia purchased inside the convention and attempted to engage us in conversations designed to mock and antagonize us. One murderer went protester to protester pleading his case that his killing of hippos and other animals was justified because he provided meat to local people. He admitted, however, that he didn't kill out of altruism, but because he got a "thrill" out of it. He eventually left upset that we "couldn't see his side".

Trophy hunters don't scare us. They are by and large weak, impotent, misogynistic men who take their frustrations out on helpless animals and then want a medal and a pat on the head for it. They will receive neither from us.

CWI thanks local organization Nashville Animal Advocacy for working hard to ensure a great team of animal advocates showed up despite rain and cold conditions. We also thank everyone who donated to support our two anti-trophy hunting billboards that we placed in downtown Nashville to "greet" the trophy hunters!

WRATH transcends the main protest at the SCI convention.

Dynamic animal advocates also stepped up in New York City, Chicago, Denver, and Birmingham, England to speak out against evil trophy hunting.

In NYC, activists stormed Trump Tower to demand action against the disgusting murder of animals by the Trump sons who are avid hunters. Their event also featured a powerful mobile billboard (thank you to those who contributed to that project!).

The Birmingham, England WRATH event was hosted by our dedicated volunteer Jen Nolan. They held a march and had several guest speakers including actor Dan Richardson.

Thank you to Their Turn for this powerful video of the NYC WRATH event:

CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc shared a live view of the main protest outside of the Safari Club International convention in Nashville.


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