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Anti-dolphin captivity campaign in Gulfport, MS

In response to Gulfport's building of an aquarium with the full backing of local government and businesses, CWI (with support from Lush Cosmetics and numerous individual donors) has erected a billboard in Gulfport speaking out against dolphin captivity. We thank everyone who made this project possible! The billboard will be up through mid-May.

The billboard was posted on a major road and also visible within a busy strip mall containing a major grocery store and numerous restaurants. It looks great in both the day and night!

CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc visited the billboard on November 8-9. At one juncture she had an extensive conversation with an older gentleman who is a native of Gulfport. He expressed his disgust that an aquarium would be built right next to the ocean and that they would choose to keep marine mammals confined there. We were gratified to receive this unexpected support for our billboard from a long-time resident!

While in Gulfport, Carrie led a peaceful, educational demonstration at the Mississippi Aquarium construction site attended by many locals and from neighboring New Orleans. Again, we received many honks of support with some pulling over asking to support us or sign a petition. We gratefully pointed them to our ongoing petition, which is located here.

As always, CWI is happy to support you in your anti-animal captivity demonstrations. Find more information by clicking here.

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