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Victory For Nosey!

We are thrilled to share that the USDA has finally taken definitive action and has revoked Hugo Liebel's federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) license due to his failure to properly care for Nosey. This means that he will no longer be able to exhibit animals like Nosey within traveling circuses and other animal abusing industries. While Liebel continues to remain indignant about his treatment of her, the facts are that Nosey was seized and placed into sanctuary in 2017 when she was found malnourished and dehydrated, with skin and urinary tract infections, as well as intestinal parasites after being forced to perform cruel circus acts and give rides for many years.

Photo: The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee

We are grateful to the USDA for responding appropriately to the concerns of the more than 200,000 individuals who signed this petition and demanded justice for Nosey. Thank you for standing with us and against animal cruelty! We believe that it is unlikely that Nosey will be forced to leave sanctuary; however, sadly, some possibility of it remains. Her court cases are still pending and with that comes some risk. We close this petition feeling confident that the numerous and mounting infractions that Liebel has made with regard to his licenses and court cases will result in Nosey's permanent residency at sanctuary. May justice prevail!

CompassionWorks International has worked diligently for Nosey since we founded in 2014. From investigations to protests to raising awareness of her plight online, we did everything we could to secure her safety. Now that Nosey is indeed safe, our work continues for the dozens of other elephants that remain confined within the cruel circus industry.

We hope that you will continue to stand with us and follow our work against animal abuse. Your support is also greatly appreciated so that we may continue our work for animals. Tax-deductible donations are gratefully received at

Thank you one final time for all of your actions for Nosey, your vigilance in notifying us when you have seen any performing wild animal in your area, and for supporting CWI in our efforts to put an end to animal cruelty once and for all. We will will not stop fighting until the use of animals in the circus is relegated once and for all to the history books.

For the animals,

Carrie LeBlanc, M.A.

Executive Director, CompassionWorks International

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