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CWI Demands Justice for Baby "Dumbo"

Following the horrific death of 3 year-old baby elephant "Dumbo" at Phuket Zoo, CWI jumped into action.

As a supporting organization of the Animals for Asia Coalition, we requested that the coalition move forward with a demand to the Phuket government asking them to disallow Phuket Zoo from acquiring any new elephants. AfA agreed.

CWI researched and completed the first draft of the letter, which was sent today to the Phuket government. You can reach the full text of our letter and our demands here.

We are enormously grateful to the AfA for their involvement, and to the more than 180 organizations around the world who lent their support to the letter.

Heading to Thailand? Please, use extreme caution in your animal tourism activities. Abuse is rampant, the word "sanctuary" is frequently misused, and elephants are suffering across the country. Please contact us if we can provide advice or assistance regarding your trip to Thailand, or if you are willing to visit animal abuse locations for the purpose of collecting valuable information and video.

In "Dumbo's" honor, we continue to fight for elephants around the world.

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