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Phuket Baby "Dumbo" Dies After Horrific Injury

Last Spring, CWI visited Thailand to investigate issues surrounding animal cruelty found there. Sadly, there were too many instances to count. Elephants are abused and continually under threat from circuses to zoos to "riding facilities" and, yes, even from so-called "sanctuaries".

One elephant's image was forever burned into our memories, and that baby elephant was recently monikered "Dumbo" by the news media.

At the time we saw him, Dumbo was just two years old. An elephant that should have still been with his mom was in continual chains and forced to perform as part of a ridiculous show performed every day at the Phuket Zoo.

Since we saw him, Dumbo's health continued to decline. In April, video captured by Moving Animals revealed that Dumbo was now seriously emaciated. Despite efforts to save him, it was too late.

Horrifyingly, "Dumbo" recently passed away after enduring extreme neglect and suffering at the hands of Phuket Zoo. Officials substantiated the reports of Moving Animals and found Dumbo was indeed malnourished. He was then ordered by local officials to receive veterinary care at a regional elephant center.

However, before the transfer could take place, both of Dumbo's hind legs broke under the weight of his body due to malnourishment. He suffered that way for three days before anyone noticed. He was then relocated to the hospital, where he sadly passed away before knowing freedom. Please watch and share "Dumbo's" story.

NEVER engage in cruel animal tourism. NEVER visit Phuket Zoo or other places where animals are abused for profit. Be EXTREMELY wary of ANY location in Thailand that offers animal experiences. If handling, riding, bathing, or breeding are taking place, the "zoo" or "sanctuary" is engaging in animal cruelty. End of story.

CWI has written and organized for a letter to be sent to Phuket officials on behalf of the Animals For Asia Coalition, of which CWI is a supporting organization. Once it is submitted, we will share the content of the letter in a news update.

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