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Bo Found in CHAINS

We recently reported that Bo was found experiencing signs of emotional and psychological distress at a Garden Bros Circus stop in the Carolinas.

Footage captured by an anonymous advocate this past weekend in Connecticut shows that Bo is still suffering!

From what we understand, Bo wasn't "behaving", so was omitted from the majority of the performances there.

He was left under a tarp, standing in a parking lot, CHAINED BY ONE FOOT, alone, and just yards from train tracks and a busy intersection.

Foot health is an extremely serious concern for captive elephants. Standing on asphalt, as a very hard, ungiving surface, can lead to issues that can ultimately result in elephant death.

For three days Bo was left in the parking lot, chained, unable to get any significant exercise, and standing on an inappropriate surface while bombarded by both train and traffic noise.

Temperatures also dipped into the 30s on multiple occasions, and it also sleeted.

Yes...this is elephant TORTURE. This is what the circus looks like BEHIND THE BIG TOP. Please, get the word out. We can't put an end to this until more people understand what is truly happening to animals in the circus.

Speak out against circus cruelty! Get involved:

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