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Zoo Incidents, January 2019

Two-year-old child, mother injured during hands-on rhino encounter at Brevard Zoo (link)

Leopard escapes enclosure, still on the loose at Bengal Safari in India (link)

Three antelope die, two in critical condition after allegations of neglect at Islamabad Zoo (link)

15-foot-long python escapes zoo, kills and eats numerous birds from family’s farm (link)

Three-year-old bongo dies after c-section to deliver calf at Virginia Zoo (link)

Escaped pelicans return to zoo after seven months of freedom (link)

Horse euthanized after slip and fall on ice at Minnesota Zoo (link)

Two zookeepers attacked by leopard after cage door left open at Al Ain Zoo (link)

Volunteer bitten by orangutan at Jungle Island Zoo (link)

Video of starving white tiger at Wuhan Zoo goes viral (link)

Five-month-old giraffe gored to death by antelope in shared exhibit at San Diego Safari Park (link)

Two dogs shot and killed after mauling ten petting zoo animals (link)

Twenty-four-year-old Western lowland gorilla dies from twisted intestine at OKC Zoo (link)

Sea lion throws up toddler’s sock at Hogle Zoo (link)

Animals continue to suffer in substandard conditions at East London Zoo (link)

Police find missing penguins stolen from undisclosed zoo in November 2018 (link)

Four lion cubs die after being subjected to freezing temperatures at Rafah City Zoo (link)

Newborn elephant put to sleep after four days of suffering at Whipsnade Zoo (link)

Man mauled to death by lions after scaling enclosure fence at Chhatbir Zoo (link)

Polar bears escape exhibit at Maryland Zoo (link)

Tiger dies during routine physical at San Antonio Zoo (link)

Woman attempts to kidnap kangaroo from petting zoo (link)

Man bitten by crocodile at petting zoo (link)

Toledo Zoo volunteer loses thumb to orangutan during feeding time (link)

Thirteen-year-old Zeus the walrus dies at Marineland Canada after years of neglect (link)

Tree falls on LA Zoo guests, four people injured, one hospitalized (link)

One-year-old monkey dies of respiratory infection at Sacramento Zoo (link)

Thirty-year-old orca named Kayla dies at SeaWorld Orlando (link)

Red panda escapes from Belfast Zoo (link)

Male bonobo attacked and injured by cell mates at Wuppertal Zoo (link)

Bear bites zookeeper’s finger at Denver Zoo (link)

Zookeepers pen 54 page letter detailing horrifying abuse and neglect at Austin Zoo (link)

Illegally captured belugas and orcas suffering in icy conditions in Russian “whale jails” (link)

Six-year-old white rhino dies after battling rare immune disease (link)

Shark killed by an eel in shared exhibit at Cameron Park Zoo (link)

Oclelot kitten loses eye after injury at Buffalo Zoo (link)

Five-year-old polar bear, Blizzard, dies at Assiniboine Zoo (link)

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