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Zoo Incidents November 2018

November 2018 Zoo incidents

Abuja Zoo under fire for malnourished camel

On October 12th a cheetah escaped it’s enclosure at Howletts Wild Animal Park. Saba chased two deer, which died after running into a fence. Zoo was supposed to report incident but didn’t.

ZooTampa vet accused of killing numerous manatees through malpractice

Black rhino dies at French zoo after botched attempt to harvest semen

Traveling zoo stolen, animals recovered in Kentucky.

Three-week-old giraffe dies of infection at Virginia Zoo

Crocodile injured after zoo patrons throw rocks at him

Feral dogs break in and kill three animals at Jackson Zoo

Rhino injures and kills ostrich in shared exhibit at Seneca Park Zoo

Man breaks into St. Augustine Alligator Farm, gets bitten by crocodile

Alaska Zoo’s head gardener stabbed to death, ran over with stolen vehicle

Three-week-old giraffe dies at Columbus Zoo

Heritage Park Zoo fire leaves one wallaby dead, one injured

Zoo World reveals two big cats die in Hurricane Michael’s aftermath

Woman and passenger shot in vehicle while waiting for entrance to holiday lights display at Memphis Zoo

Jackson Zoo owes $5 million on water bill

Female wild dog killed by a male dog during introductions at Topeka Zoo

USDA inspections show highly stressed grizzly bears, outdated exhibits, and high bromine levels in water leading to eye lesions and chronic eye issues among pinnipeds at Denver Zoo (link)

Guests of Kolkata Zoo are torturing animals by blowing whistles, horns, feeding them, poking with sticks, and throwing rocks to get their attention (link)

Amer Fort’s elephants are blind and lame yet still forced to give rides to tourists

Three-year-old penguin dies of fungal pneumonia at Santa Barbara Zoo

Petting zoo kangaroo killed in hit and run after escape from enclosure (link)

Impala escapes exhibit, comes into contact with hot wire, then found dead in the elephant exhibit’s pool

On October 23rd, a snow leopard escaped his exhibit at Dudley Zoo and was shot dead (link)

A selfie stick was stolen by one chimp, returned to the owner by another chimp

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