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We Mourn the Loss of Anna Louise.

Dear Friends, With an incredibly heavy heart, we have some terrible news to share. Elephant Anna Louise, who we all have been fighting for, is reported to have passed away. You may recall that we (CompassionWorks International) filed an emergency complaint on her behalf with the USDA last Spring, and that shortly thereafter she was taken off the road. We followed up by filing a complaint with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, because we continued to be concerned about her welfare. The FWC checked on her, and last we knew she was on the property of her "owner" Tom Demry in supposedly acceptable health. Moments ago we found out that an African elephant fitting Anna Louise's description was transferred to Two Tails Ranch in Florida at some point this past Spring. On an inspection report of Two Tails Ranch dated June 20, 2018, a discussion was noted that a 35 year old elephant recently transferred there had died suddenly, possibly of an aneurysm. This elephant could only be Anna Louise. We are completely devastated by this news. We knew, because of the FWC report, that Mr. Demry had intended to retire Anna Louise. Our hope was that he would make the right choice for her and send her to a proper sanctuary. Instead, he sent her to Two Tails Ranch, owned by a circus family, at which rides and other inappropriate contact are permitted. We hope that we will be able to find out more information regarding her death, but unfortunately that is unlikely. We will be writing to both the USDA and to Mr. Demry to express our profound disappointment with their handling of Anna Louise's life, which has now been cut short. My heart is broken for Anna Louise, who I personally led investigations on. I have looked her in the eye and promised we'd help her. I could not be more devastated by this outcome, but my resolve is all the stronger because of it. We WILL end circus cruelty and make certain that all animals held captive by the circus industry end up in reputable sanctuaries. Thank you for support and for caring about Anna Louise. For the animals, Carrie LeBlanc, M.A. Executive Director CompassionWorks International

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