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CWI Rolls out "A Kind World"

CWI, with funding from The Pollination Project and numerous individual donors, launched our "A Kind World" campaign today in Las Vegas.

The campaign features a mobile billboard, which will be running on the famous Las Vegas Strip this week, and again in both September and November. Tens of thousands of tourists are on the Strip at any given hour, and our unique billboard and messaging gives us enormous reach to a new (and unsuspecting!) audience.

The aim of the campaign is to help people make connections between different areas of concern for animals with the goal of encouraging veganism. While many animal rights organizations focus on veganism from solely the perspective of farmed animals, CWI is opting to provide knowledge and resources aiding people to make kinder, vegan choices when it comes to eating, clothing, cosmetics, entertainment, and other areas in which animals are used and abused.

Our campaign launches a new website to the CWI family of content, located at At the site, now in its "beta" state, visitors will be able to learn snippets about different animals issues and how to take action for animals. We are also launching a new weekly email service that provides tips on "how to live a kind life", which will provide vegan recipes, and other ideas for removing unnecessary cruelties from everyday life.

Within the next two months, CWI will also be offering a leaflet to activists willing to take action to promote veganism in their communities. Our leaflet will reflect the spirit of our A Kind World campaign, and will address the wide-ranging issues that impact animals throughout all areas of life. We hope you enjoy the new campaign, and will sign up at to receive our new weekly email service!

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