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Jeff Lowe Belongs In Jail

According to a Las Vegas news report, Jeff Lowe, of the "Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park" in Oklahoma, found himself in hot water starting last November when authorities removed three exotic animals from his Las Vegas-based home.

CWI was tipped of to Lowe's intentions in the Spring of 2017 thanks to disgruntled circus-supporter Jessica Ramos Rodogel. She mentioned our Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc in a comment on Jeff Lowe's Facebook page that indicated he was attempting to open up shop in Las Vegas, which is where CWI is headquartered.

At that point, CWI immediately took action. We contacted local authorities and provided them with a complete dossier on Lowe including information we were obtaining from a private investigator regarding his whereabouts and intentions for opening up a "cub petting" business in Las Vegas. We followed up on all leads of potential business sites throughout last summer, and made contacts in the local real estate industry to ensure that he was not renting property without our knowledge.

Lowe and his wife brazenly posted on their social media sites that they were keeping exotic animals in Las Vegas. We then shared this information with local authorities.

Eventually, Lowe gave up on his idea of opening a "cub petting" business, and instead started promoting "The Jungle Bus", which appeared to offer opportunities to be whisked off to an unknown location in order to pet cubs.

Unfortunately for Lowe, CWI and other animal activists and organizations continued to track his movements, resulting in the seizure of three animals from his home last November. The liliger cub was found to have a variety of serious health issue, which will require lifelong care.

Lowe temporarily ended up in jail when he failed to appear in court, and found himself in additional hot water when numerous weapons were found in addition to the three exotic animals. He ultimately retreated back to Oklahoma to avoid further legal entanglements.

According to the news article: "Lowe wouldn't talk to us on camera. On the phone, he acknowledged he's still coming to Las Vegas, but said it's just to do private parties catering to lucrative celebrity clients. He says he still rents homes here and admits bringing tiger cubs into hotel suites on the Strip, rolling them through casinos in suitcases."

CWI will continue to stay on alert and will immediately notify law enforcement and appropriate animal control officers if he dares to re-enter the Las Vegas valley.

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