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First Annual Las Vegan Potluck and Picnic

CWI was pleased to host the First Annual Las Vegan Potluck and Picnic last Sunday in beautiful Sunset Park, Las Vegas.

Approximately 90 local vegans showed up, despite temperatures that were soaring into the triple digits! And a great time was had by all.

Providing opportunities for vegans to gather and interact is critical to long-term retention of vegans in our movement. Many people find the transition to a kind lifestyle to be a difficult one that is very different from the way they grew up. That experience can be alienating, particularly if it is compounded by an unsupportive home environment.

In the coming months, CWI will be formerly launching our "Go Vegan" program, in which we educate others on how to be leaders in their communities that empower and support vegans and the veg-curious. Why do we do this? Because the more vegans, the fewer animals suffer as a result of animal agribusiness.

Stay tuned for more information on our Go Vegan program, and make plans to attend our signature event, Vegas VegFest!

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