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Garden Bros Repeatedly Hooking Elephants!

CWI recently obtained footage of Garden Bros Circus and were horrified by what we saw!

The footage revealed "elephant trainer" Anthony Frisco repeatedly doing what many "trainers" keep hidden: he was repeatedly and aggressively hooking elephants Isa and Viola throughout their "performance".

At times, the hook would even get stuck on the elephant prompting him to pull even harder.

Numerous locations, including the states of New York, California, and Illinois, have all ended the use of bullhooks on elephants recognizing that harming animals in order to force them to perform ridiculous demenaing tricks is cruel and medieval.

Yet Garden Bros continues and persists in dragging Isa and Viola around the country in order to subject them to physical and psychological harm night after night.

Watch and share our investigation video, and see for yourself how much the circus "loves" elephants.

Learn more about putting an end to circus cruelty in your community at our dedicated site

Unable to protest or take direct action? That is OK! Your voice and your support are also very much needed! To help fund the posters and leaflets we send to activists free of charge, please make a contribution of any amount here.

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