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Trophy Hunters Fear the Truth

For the last three years, CompassionWorks International has produced the Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting (WRATH), which coincides with the annual convention of Safari Club International (SCI). SCI is a group of trophy hunters that pat each other on the back for mercilessly killing animals for room decoration. You can read more about the 2018 WRATH event that took place last February by clicking here.

Recently, SCI decided to feature us in their membership newsletter.

During one of our protests in Las Vegas, where the conference was taking place, SCI sent a photographer out to antagonize our protesters. When CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc arrived on the scene, she decided that SCI had enough photos and that we didn't owe them any favors by allowing the photography to continue. We politely asked the photographer to move along about his business, but he refused to leave.

At that point, Carrie elected to continually stand in front of the photographer.

He persisted for some time. During that period, we spoke to him about trophy hunting. He was woefully ignorant to any facts, so we suspect he was simply hired by SCI, and was possibly not a member. Or that the SCI membership thrives on ignorance. It is difficult to assess what the truth may be.

Eventually, the photographer started to get rattled and nervous. He walked off and elected to continue to take photos from the bridge, which you can see across the top of the photograph at the left.

At our Vegas protest, the vast majority of people who walked by were horrified to find out that tens of thousands of trophy hunters were in Las Vegas and opted not to visit the MGM, where SCI held their evening activities every night of the conference. We maintained our presence there, even during times when SCI members themselves were in meetings elsewhere, to maximize visibility of evil trophy hunting. Thousands of visitors to Las Vegas were horrified by the grim realities of trophy hunting, which they were exposed to through our four days of protests and our mobile billboard, which patrolled the Las Vegas Strip eight hours per day for the four days of the conference.

In the article accompanying the photos of our article, SCI do what they do best: exaggerate and distort facts in a pathetic attempt to make themselves seem less disgusting. In fact, in the same newsletter in which our feature appeared, they talk about the need to "win the war" by humanizing trophy hunters. To which we can only respond: you cannot humanize cold blooded murder. The practice of the wealthy shooting and killing healthy wildlife for the purposes of a trinket will not and will NEVER be tolerated by the majority of the general public. And CWI will not stop fighting until this disgusting and vile practice is nothing more than another black mark on the history of mankind.

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