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RIP Inuka

CWI is sad to report the death of Inuka, a polar bear who spent his entire life confined within the Singapore Zoo.

Just weeks ago, CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc did a welfare check on Inuka, and captured the sad photo to the right. (Note: Inuka was green due to algae that would form on his fur. His mother, also deceased, suffered from the same discoloration.)

His walking, demeanor, and appearance were all poor (video here). The zoo felt the same, and opted not to revive him after putting him under anesthesia for a detailed health check.

Fortunately, the Singapore Zoo has opted to discontinue its polar bear exhibit with the passing of Inuka. However, numerous other zoos around the world jail polar bears, or plan to. One such zoo is proposed for Las Vegas. You can join CWI's campaign in opposition to the Las Vegas Zoo by clicking here.

Polar bears are wide ranging animals adapted to the arctic cold. They are ill-suited to intensive confinement, frequently exhibiting zoochosis, as we demonstrated in our investigation of the Bronx Zoo polar bear, Tundra (now also deceased).

Zoos are animal jails. Don't allow your one minute of enjoyment to mean a lifetime behind bars for innocent animals.

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