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On Saturday, October 21, CWI hosted "Freedom Matters" events across the country, which focused on the inequities and harm involved in keeping wild animals captive. The main event was held in Las Vegas where a protest was conducted in front of the Mirage Hotel and Resort, a business that continues to confine dolphins, big cats, and other animals as tourist attractions. The dolphins, in violation of Animal Welfare Act guidelines, are held in a pool and provided only minimal shade from the desert sun.

The Las Vegas event also featured a mobile billboard with two 18-foot long panels sharing with visitors to the Las Vegas Strip the cruelty involved in animal captivity. It should go without saying that dolphins don't belong in the desert! But until those animals are retired to sanctuary, we will continue to speak out.

CWI thanks activists in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston for joining us in speaking out against animal captivity!

Heading to Las Vegas? You can also catch our mobile billboard November 9-11 prowling the Las Vegas Strip! If you saw it, send us a pic!

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