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End the Nevada Bear Hunt!

On September 16th, CWI facilitated protests in Reno and Las Vegas in opposition to the annual bear hunt that began on September 15th. The Reno protest was conducted in conjunction with No Bear Hunt NV and was joined by 50 caring souls making it the largest bear hunt protest to take place in recent years. The demonstration received ample media coverage throughout the Lake Tahoe area. We are also thrilled to share we will be sending out 15,000 "bear smart" postcards within the next couple of months to residents living in bear country with tips on how to keep bears and personal property safe---a first of its kind project in the state. While the Nevada state legislature created a law that says a hunt must take place, they set no quota for the number of bears that should be killed. CWI demands that the state of Nevada adopt a ZERO quota for the 2018 hunt, ensuring that the very small population of 300 bears in Nevada continues to thrive.

Our "bear smart" postcard:

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