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Urge the USDA to Revise Regulations

The USDA has a long-standing policy of automatically renewing the permits of animal exhibitors, dealers, and breeders, which has allowed those with numerous complaints or violations to easily continue their operations. This practice has allowed those known to ignore the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to continue to operate without further consideration by the USDA and has led to animals like Nosey remaining in abusive and unsuitable situations.

We urge you to speak out, and encourage the USDA to follow through on a proposed plan to require licensees to reapply every few years and force them to show that they are in compliance with the AWA.

It is our hope that this new policy would "weed out" the worst abusers over time.

You can make a difference for animals TODAY by taking just minutes to submit your comment to the USDA in SUPPORT of a change to their regulations. CLICK HERE to go to the USDA comment form.

Not sure what to say? Here is some suggested text which you can copy and paste right into the comment box!

Thank you for considering changes that could potentially greatly improve the situation for animals across the United States.

I support these changes wholeheartedly and believe they will enable strengthened protections for animals and better oversight and regulation of the Animal Welfare Act.

Chronic AWA violators have gone unchecked for far too long. Insisting on a re-licencsing process would better enable the agency to review the licensee's history of compliance and present circumstance, providing enhanced protection of animals from known abusers.

I kindly request that the new regulatory changes take place as soon as possible, and again thank the agency for taking this extremely important step to protect some of our country's most vulnerable inhabitants.

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