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Nosey Needs Your Eyes and Ears

Since our last update, Nosey has been found traveling throughout northeast Ohio giving rides and performing stupid tricks at "circuses" held primarily in parking lots. Sadly, today we saw video of her out of Hanoverton, OH reaching out to the Liebel family son for food or water. She picked up her bucket and reaches out to him with it, yet he chose to ignore her entirely. She then dropped her bucket when she realized he would pay her no attention. It was heartbreaking to see how they treat "family." The type of tiny circus that she is currently performing in does not invest in marketing, so there is no telling where she might pop up. She is currently about 40 miles southwest of Youngstown, OH in the small town of Hanoverton. Hanoverton is hosting their first, and we hope, their last circus. If you live in or near Hanoverton, please write to government officials there to let your thoughts on circus cruelty be known. Nosey (currently being called Tiny) has been moving every 3-4 days within a few hours drive of her previous location. So if you are in northeast Ohio, or in the Columbus, OH or Pittsburgh, PA areas, please be vigilant for any circus tents that pop up. If you see one, please contact us straight away at with an address and any other information you can find. The hearing the Liebel family must attend with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) regarding their revoked permit is set to take place in October. We suspect they may not return Nosey to Florida until which time they manage to resolve their permitting issues with the FWC. The family has been raising money for legal assistance to help with their case, but thus far have not been successful at raising everything they are seeking. As updates arise on that situation, we will continue to update this petition. Thank you again for your continued interest in Nosey and for helping CWI to pursue a better life for her. Finally, we hope that you will consider supporting us by making a tax-deductible donation of any amount at so that we can continue our work for Nosey and all animals still suffering inside the circus. Ps. Please continue to share Nosey's petition: You can also read all of our previous updates on her case with the FWC by scrolling to the "updates" section of the petition. Thank you!

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