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Have you seen Anna Louise?

Three months ago we updated the petition regarding the lonely elephant Anna Louise to let you know that CompassionWorks International filed an emergency complaint on behalf of Anna Louise for issues we noticed in her gait at a circus performance. We believe her ability to walk is compromised and asked the USDA to intervene. Since approximately two weeks after we filed that complaint we have been unable to locate Anna Louise. She does not appear to be traveling any longer with the Stardust Circus and has not rejoined the Kelly Miller Circus or any known Shrine Circus. Have you seen a so-called "Dancing Elephant" in your community? If so, please let us know by emailing us immediately at We have heard rumors through the circus community that Anna Louise is "retired" and at her

"home base" in Florida; however, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission are unfamiliar with Anna Louise and are unable to confirm any of this information. CWI has also filed a Freedom of Information Act request for any paperwork generated as a result of the complaint we filed three months ago. If the USDA took action and indeed requested that Anna Louise be "retired", we should find that out within the next two weeks. Again, please, if you see or hear of Anna Louise or "the Dancing Elephant", please contact us immediately. Thank you again for your continued interest in Anna Louise and for helping CWI to pursue a better life for her and all captive elephants. Finally, if you appreciate CWI's work to end circus cruelty, we hope you will consider supporting us by making a tax-deductible donation of any amount at We are a very small organization, and notice and appreciate your support! Thank you once again for your caring. For the Animals, Carrie LeBlanc Executive Director CompassionWorks International

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