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Animals in Entertainment

CWI was pleased to take part in the 2017 Animal Rights National Conference for our 3rd consecutive year. We had a great conference meeting new folks and reuniting with old friends!

CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc gave two talks (Animals in Entertainment and Fundraising) and facilitated a workgroup on Empowering Women in Animal Advocacy. CLICK HERE to watch Carrie's talk on Animals in Entertainment.

Not only did we get the word out about the important work that has been accomplished related to the use of animals for the purpose of entertainment, but we adamantly asserted the importance of animal advocates and funders to our movement actively supporting these campaigns and engaging in the work.

"We need to keep at our winning efforts for the beloved elephants, lions, tigers, orcas, bears, and other animals, not only to help those animals, but to expand the hearts and minds of others, and to expand the rights of EVERY animal," stated Carrie.

We were also pleased to visit so many animal advocates at our booth, where we shared the work of CWI and the many accomplishments we've made over the last year!

To get involved in our work, email us at To donate, please visit:

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