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CWI Takes on Kelly Miller in New England

When CWI saw that Kelly Miller intended to do an extensive tour of New England this year, we immediately reached out to dynamic local animal advocates with a simple request: "can you protest the circus?" and, we're happy to share, the resounding answer we heard was "YES!".

Two precious elephants, Cindy and Jenny, have been traveling with Kelly Miller for months along with camels and ponies. In Ohio, animal advocates shared damning video and photos with CWI showing that elephant "trainers" were intimidating Cindy and Jenny with both a bullhook and a whip. The "trainer" is viewed sharply jabbing one of the precious elephants under the chin in order to force her to perform.

We believe, like you do, that they deserve better.

This morning CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc interviewed with the Eagle-Tribune out of Massachusetts. "We track the various circuses around the country and organize peaceful educational demonstrations to help raise awareness about animal cruelty," she shared. "We're not trying to destroy the circus industry, we just don't want them to use animals." To read the full article, click here.

The protests across New England continue with demonstrations soon to take place in Dalton and Townsend, Massachusetts and Hillsboro, NH. Keep an eye on for more updates on protest taking place across the country!

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