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Nevada: Black Bears Need YOU!

The State of Nevada has a law that states the annual black bear hunt cannot be cancelled based upon scientific information provided by the NV Department of Wildlife (NDOW) and voted on by the Commission. Because of this, stopping the hunt is extremely challenging.

As a means for circumventing this law, the public MUST make its voice heard at the annual meeting that establishes a quota for the number of bears killed in the hunt.

CompassionWorks International calls for a ZERO quota for the 2017 hunt.

We need ALL Nevada residents concerned about the hunt to speak up on behalf of Nevada bears. Please take a moment to email the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners and demand a ZERO kill quota for this year's hunt. The next NDOW meeting will take place on May 13th. At that meeting, the Commissioners will determine the number of bears allowed to be killed during the 2017 bear hunt season. They need to hear from you that NO BEARS SHOULD BE KILLED in this year's hunt season! While this is a heated topic and lives are on the line, we highly encourage you to be polite and to the point in your comments. Here is some suggested text: Commissioners: I write to you with concern regarding the 2017 Nevada bear hunt season and ask that you vote for a zero quota, or the lowest legally allowable quota. It is time for NV to discontinue the unnecessary and unpopular trophy hunting of bears, and focus on community education and habitat preservation. A 2017 statewide poll from Remington Research Group revealed that 66% of Nevada residents are opposed to the trophy hunting of our native species, including bears. The Commission should do the right thing and act in accordance with wishes of the people of Nevada, not bow to a fringe group who enjoy unnecessary killing. Thank you for your time and consideration. Your name Your address Emails can be directed to the secretary for the commission at Please title your email: "Please forward to the Commissioners and enter in record re: bear hunt" Your voice DOES make a difference! The state of Florida cancelled their hunts for 2017 and 2018 due to PUBLIC pressure! Questions? Please email On behalf of the bears, thank you for your time!

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