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The Fight for Lolita

This past weekend, CWI joined the fight to secure sanctuary for Lolita, an orca who has been confined to a tank at Miami Seaquarium for 46 years.

While this was an amazing day, CWI's work for Lolita did not end there. We launched an investigation of the facility and will be following with additional informational videos and graphics in the coming months. At the end of the investigation, Carrie became overwhelmed with despair because of the desperately poor conditions that Lolita is kept in. After finishing all of the recordings, and waiting for the end of Lolita's "show", Carrie decided to correct some of the erroneous information that Seaquarium shared, and to add a few facts they had forgotten. You can see the video here. (Please note that CWI always recommends staying factual, calm, and focusing on what you can do to have the largest impact for animals in your advocacy. While we believe this rarely involves the types of actions taken in the video, they can on occasion be valuable in disseminating information about animal issues.)

For more details on her life including links to the detailed plans for her reintroduction to the ocean, please visit our friends at

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