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Tiger Act at the 3 County Fair Must END!


The annual 3 County Fair held in Northampton, Massachusetts has made the disappointing and inhumane decision to include an exotic animal act as part of its offerings for the 2016 season.

While including tigers might seem like an exciting addition to a line-up of family entertainment, the sad reality is that exotic animal training involves abuse and cruelty.

Though we can't know which performance Bruno Blaszak is planning for the 3 County Fair, it is clear from his website ( that he forces his tigers to perform tricks that are not a part of their normal or natural behavior. Photos reveal that he subjects them to fire (of which tigers are naturally afraid), forces them to balance on high wires, and to perform other menial and degrading tricks under the threat of violence.

Tigers suffer when forced to perform in traveling entertainment:

  • Though tigers are solitary and fiercely protective of their home range, they are frequently forced to live and perform in groups.

  • Though tigers are semi-nocturnal, they are often made to perform and travel during the day.

  • Though tigers are love water and are extremely adept at swimming, they are denied any access to pools of water.

  • Though tigers develop close maternal bonds, baby tigers are torn from their mothers for the purposes of training.

  • Though tigers are able to leap more than 30 feet, the circus and other related industries that use tigers often keep them confined to small cages barely big enough for them to pace back and forth in. This intensive confinement frequently leads to psychological and emotional distress.

While Mr. Blasak states on his page that his goal is to "preserve" tigers, forcing them to lead unnatural lives traveling and performing tricks does NOT promote preservation or conservation. It promotes the cruel and harmful concept that "man dominates beast", which is what is leading to the destruction of these beautiful animals in the wild.

Please join CompassionWorks International and Western Mass Animal Rights Advocates in asking the 3 County Fair to NEVER AGAIN make use of exotic animals as part of its performances. And if you are in the area, please participate in the peaceful demonstrations of the Fair that will take place this year.

The time to end tiger acts and other types of institutionalized animal cruelties is now. Be their voice.

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