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We can't believe we're saying this: Go to Ringling Bros


Oh, to think of all of the years we spent organizing protests, capturing video of the animals, (literally) chasing down their train, filing complaints with the USDA and all the rest! With great satisfaction we can share that Ringling has returned with a huge new show featuring...NO ANIMALS WHATSOEVER!

We always say "we want to see animal-free circuses." Let's be true to our word and prove to the remaining animal-exploiting circuses that an animal-free show is truly the GREATEST show on earth. The new Ringling tour schedule can be found here.

In additional animal-free circus news, it appears that UniverSoul Circus has also begun its cruelty-free journey. While no formal announcement has been made by the circus, it is presently performing without animals and has shown some signs that it may continue that way. We will keep you updated!

As always, if an animal abusing circus is heading your way, be sure to contact us and get involved in the fight to end circus cruelty!


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