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Vegas Stands Strong Against the Evil Fur Industry


We were horrified to discover that American Mink Exchange was bringing more than 1.2 MILLION dead animals to CWI's hometown of Las Vegas.

At this point, there is simply no excuse for the continuation of the fur industry. Every single person buying fur items knows about the gruesome ways in which animals are raised and killed for corporate greed.

CWI immediately responded to the dead animal skin sale and reached out to local advocates to speak out against this atrocity! With our protest at the event location, Palace Station Hotel & Casino, CWI joined the long-time fight against this heartless and cruel industry.

We are grateful to the two dozen activists who joined us at this peaceful demonstration, including several people new to the world of animal advocacy! Palace Station is located on a main road, and we received many honks of support and thumbs up from those driving by. As most people well know by now, fur is DEAD! Learn more about the cruel fur industry.


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