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Tony's Corner: Update on the Missing AZ Animals


We send out thanks to everyone who responded to our call for action regarding the missing animals whose story we recently shared.

There are two important updates to this story:

First, Humane Society of Southern AZ has announced that they have fired CEO Steve Farley after an initial suspension. They have also fired the HSSA COO Christian Gonzalez.

They shared: "After reviewing the report and details and discrepancies in what was told to the board about the situation, the board took corrective action and terminated the employment of the CEO and accepted the resignation of the COO," the board spokesperson announced at the press conference. "We did so due to their terribly negligent actions against the mission of the Humane Society and their failure to follow protocols, among other reasons."

Additional investigations and policy revisions are presently underway under the direction of the HSSA board, along with a search for new staff.

(Update 10/16/23: An interim CEO has been hired and investigations continue into the whereabouts of the missing animals. It is feared they are dead, as the animals were given to a "private rescue" with connections to a reptile farm. No evidence of adoptions of the missing animals exists.)

Second: We are pleased to share that CWI is in custody of one of the animals recovered from this horrific situation. Jellybean, presently known as JB, is settling in and trying to get his bearings. While we cannot yet be certain, it is possible that JB was hours or days away from becoming reptile food. He is presently underweight, but taking food and vegetables well. His recovery will be monitored closely by CWI staff.

JB will ultimately be available for adoption through Vegas Friends of Guinea Pig Rescue, a verified partner of CWI and legitimate rescue.


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