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What happened to 318 animals in Tucson?


A nightmare is currently taking place for 318 rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and other small animals in Tucson, Arizona. Last month, San Diego Humane Society transferred 318 animals out of its facility to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA). After that, the animals disappeared.

HSSA claims that the animals were moved on to a "small private rescue" in the Phonenix area, but refuses to disclose the name of the supposed rescue.

After public pressure, HSSA returned to the rescue and retrieved the animals who had yet to be rehomed. Sixty-two animals were brought back to HSSA. What happened to the other animals? HSSA claims that they were adopted, yet the name of the rescue remains a mystery and no calls for adoption are known to anyone in the region. No evidence whatsoever exists that the missing animals were adopted. Suspicion is mounting that the animals may have met a horrific fate.

San Diego Humane Society is considering a lawsuit. We strongly encourage you to contact Steve Farley, the CEO of HSSA, and demand to know the name of the rescue where the 318 animals were sent. It is imperative to know where these animals were placed...and whether they are still alive.

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