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Tony's Corner: Adopt Don't Shop!

July 15, 2023

Did you know that approximately 6.3 MILLION dogs and cats enter the U.S. shelter system every year? Of those, a staggering 920,000 are euthanized. That is a heartbreaking statistic.

While there are no exact numbers available, guinea pigs like Tony are being surrendered to shelters at a rate of 25% more than previous years! Purchased cheaply as a "throwaway pet" during the pandemic, many new guinea pig "owners" are unprepared for the work, dedication, and care that these exotic animals require.

In CWI's hometown of Las Vegas, there are dozens of guinea pigs presently sitting in shelters, while pet stores continue to sell them. That is an issue we will be tackling in an upcoming edition of Tony's Corner! But for now Tony would like to remind you that rescuing a deserving animal from your local shelter is one of the kindest, most rewarding, and life-saving acts you can take.

If you are not in a position to adopt an animal, perhaps fostering is right for you. Foster programs vary from shelter to shelter, but in each instance you are giving an animal a chance at a more "normal" and less stressful life while they await their forever family. Fostering also frees up the limited space available in shelters, which helps to ensure that another animal has a spot and isn't euthanized due to space limitations.

A product of the pet store industry himself, Tony knows about the importance of rescue, fostering and adoption. He was rescued from a pet store after he was reduced in price as a CLEARANCE ITEM. His toenails were overgrown and his prospects were grim. Fortunately, he found his path to freedom through a wonderful rescue. That rescue even took him back when his first adopted family didn't want him. From there, Tony has found his way to his new life with CWI as a beloved colleague and family member.

If you have time and space, please reach out and save a life! You may always contact us at CWI to assist with research on an appropriate shelter in your area. We also would be glad to share our best guinea pig care tips with you! Just email


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