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The Fight for Li'i


Li'i the pacific white-sided dolphin is still stuck in that horrible concrete tank at Miami Seaquarium, where Lolita/Tokitae the orca died on August 18th.

Li’i was captured off the coast of California on October 26th, 1988 and is now complete isolation in a crumbling tank, not much larger than a hotel pool.

His mate Loke (also caught from the wild in 1988) and their son Elelo were sent to Shedd Aquarium a few weeks ago, after nearly 5 years in a tiny circular concrete pool at Miami Seaquarium, off display from the public.

Pacific white-sided dolphins are very social and may be seen in pods of 2,000 individuals or more, yet Li'i rots alone in this pathetic tank, without shade from the blistering Miami sun, no one for companionship after witnessing his companion of 35 years - Lolita/Tokitae - die, and no significant protection from powerful hurricanes. We must get Li'i moved now to a more appropriate setting - ideally, a seaside sanctuary, that was promised to him when Tokitae was alive.

ACT NOW!!! Call or email the USDA:

----- Call and email Miami Seaquarium: (305) 361-5705 Email ----- Call or email the mayor of Miami: 305-375-5071


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