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SCI Cancels Annual Convention

CWI is happy to share that Safari Club International has canceled their annual convention, which was set to be held in Las Vegas during February.

Citing concerns regarding COVID, SCI is determined to return in 2022. Though the respite is temporary, it is very welcomed by CWI. The annual SCI convention is an evil animal killing festival during which trophy hunters gather to discuss topics regarding their penchant for senseless death. They also hold a large auction during which they sell off the lives of hundreds of animals to the highest bidder.

After the death of Cecil the lion in 2015, CWI launched the Worldwide Rally For Cecil (now the Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting) at the 2016 SCI annual conference. Since that first protest, we have continued protesting at the event and holding our international demonstrations. In 2018, we even posted a billboard outside of their convention venue! Thousands of individuals from around the world in dozens of countries have joined us over the course of our 5 events. And we won't be stopping.

With the cancelation of the annual SCI convention and the issues surrounding the ongoing pandemic, we have not yet come to a conclusion regarding holding our Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting event next year. We will update you after the holidays with our plans for continuing to combat trophy hunting with advocacy in 2021.


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