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Loomis Bros Circus is touring with animals

Lacking both integrity and any care for animals or people, Loomis Bros Circus has been the only circus touring with animals during the pandemic. In order to not muddy their own name, they have toured under a variety of different names for short periods of time in very rural locations. At present, they are touring as "American Fun Circus" with upcoming shows in Florida and Alabama.

As of the publishing of this article, their upcoming shows are in Ocala, Brooksville, and Inverness, Florida and Ralph, Columbiana, Robertsdale, Milton, Crestview, and Andalusia, Alabama. If you (or anyone you know who loves animals) are in one of these regions, please contact us at to get involved in putting an end to circus cruelty.

To keep up-to-date on circus information and scheduled protests, please visit our dedicated site:


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