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Kshamenk Deserves Sanctuary Now!


While we're still reeling from the sudden passing of Lolita/Tokitae in Miami, we must not forget that she wasn't alone in her plight. An orca named Kshamenk is also being held alone in a miserably small tank.

Kshamenk has been trapped at Mundo Marino in Argentina since 1992. The circumstances surrounding his capture and confinement are suspicious at best.

Though he initially had a companion, a female orca named Belen, she died in 2000 at only 13 years of age along with her young calf. For the last 23 years,Kshamenk has been kept with a rotating group of bottlenose dolphins and forced to perform stupid tricks in his tiny tank for paying customers. Not only is his tank small, it provides him with no shade from the blisteringly hot Argentinian sun.

He has also been exploited by SeaWorld, which has used him to artificially inseminate at least one of their orcas in the United States. The passing of Tokitae is a reminder to us all that actions must be taken swiftly. We ask you to please sign and share our demand that the Argentinian government create a sanctuary for Kshamenk NOW.


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