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Dirk Arthur Attempts a Return to Vegas Stage


When last we saw Dirk Arthur, he left the Las Vegas magic scene with his proverbial tail between this legs after ongoing demonstrations from Nevada animal advocates who wanted to see an end to his tiger show. In 2016, we hoped that'd be the end of dealing with his nonsense.

Sadly, it was recently announced that Arthur is attempting to work a deal to bring back his show, even after animal advocates successfully thwarted the plans of Jay Owenhouse, who likewise **generally uses tigers in his show.

The difference between the thwarted Owenhouse show and Arthur's attempt are important to understand: 1. Arthur's tigers are housed on a property in Las Vegas and will be transported back and forth. 2. He is proposing to produce his show in an existing venue. This means there will be no public hearings regarding Arthur's show, like we saw with Owenhouse's "tiger tent" project.

For this reason, we are asking CWI supporters to contact the venue directly to inform them that you DO NOT support the use of animals in magic shows.

We ask that you address them directly and in your own words, but that you remain factual in your comments. Brevity is also helpful to having your message read!

Here are some facts that you can utilize (please do not copy and paste this list into your message):

  1. Tigers do not belong in noisy magic shows in the middle of a busy city.

  2. There is ample risk to both the attendees of the show and the public-at-large, which will be continually exposed to Arthur's animals as he brings them to and from their home property. An escaped wild animal in the middle of Fremont Street would be a major disaster for all.

  3. Captivity is not conservation. Arthur's claim that his animals live in a "lush spacious habitat" is simply untrue. The entire area of his property, which includes his 2700 square foot house and a large swimming pool, is a mere 1.14 acres. This is not ample space on which to house 6 tigers, 2 clouded leopards, 2 snow leopards, and 1 lynx.

  4. Like every single individual who exploits animals for profit, Arthur claims to care about "conservation". Anyone truly interested in conservation and animal care would re-home their animals to an accredited sanctuary where they can engage in normal, natural behaviors, not force them to do stupid tricks in the middle of a city.

  5. Despite his inference that he is an expert on appropriate animal care and welfare, Arthur has been cited by the USDA for NUMEROUS violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. These include:

2017: Contamination of a tiger enclosure with a buildup of urine and other waste, and a contamination of their food preparation area with insects and insect feces.

2016: A nail was found protruding in a snow leopard enclosure.

2015: Two tiger enclosures were found in disrepair after the tigers had chewed the boxes. This was a REPEAT offense.

2014: Arthur was inspected at Harrah's Casino in Laughlin, where he kept his animals in an area with inadequate fencing, which poses a danger to both the animals and the public.

The animals were also kept WITHOUT space for "adequate freedom of movement", which is a USDA requirement.

Dirk Arthur has also been cited by the USDA for DECLAWING two tigers and a lion. The procedure is an enormously painful and unnecessary procedure that shows a complete disregard for animal welfare.

If needed, we will shortly have additional follow up actions. Some of you will write us to inquire why we have not started with a petition. Simple: the first step, contacting the venue directly, is much more effective and impactful. We will follow up with a petition and other actions if needed.

As always, contact us at if you have any questions!

** Great news! Owenhouse has put in a new application for a Vegas magic show, but there will be NO TIGERS!


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