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CWI's The ReWild Fund


CWI is proud to announce our new initiative: The ReWild Fund. After having so much success in our campaigns to end the use of animals in entertainment, we feel that it is a necessity to help support those animals in sanctuary environments. Giving to sanctuaries and conservation efforts can be confusing because many companies will exploit the use of those words to entice people to give. CWI's The ReWild Fund takes the guesswork out. We carefully assess every organization we donate to from their financials to their animal care.

Our goal, first of all, is to make grants to organizations that are supporting animals who we have campaigned for. If the Fund is successful, we will expand our grant-making to include other rescue and conservation organizations. Getting animals out of horrible tanks and cages is wonderful, but their ongoing care is expensive! Let's step up for animals and make sure they have the lives they deserve after so much suffering. While CWI has provided support to others previously, in January we will announce our first official The ReWild Fund grantees. To see previous recipients, visit The ReWild Fund.


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