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Baskets of Fruit for Thai Elephants!

Today CWI was happy to be able to send Elephant Nature Park funds for 20 baskets of fruit for their elephants in honor of the ex-Phuket Zoo elephants San Mueng and Tang Mo.

You might remember that last year ENP was able to come to the rescue of these two beautiful elephants when Phuket Zoo was no longer able to care for them due to a lack of tourism during the pandemic.

CWI has been advocating for the Phuket Zoo elephants for several years after we conducted a welfare check at the zoo during which we saw an incredibly sad situation for the three elephants housed there. Please visit: to learn more about the Phuket Zoo elephants and our work for them.

We set out to thank ENP for their work and called on our supporters to help us show our gratitude. Many of you stepped up! We thank all of our supporters who contributed to that project.


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