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Anti-Animal Circus Campaign in Colorado

Sadly, though Ringling stopped touring a year ago, circuses using animals persist and are traveling across the nation. CWI works diligently to ensure that as many of the performances are met with opposition and community education as possible. Jordan World Circus is one of the circuses currently performing with animals. They are using tigers, horses, camels, and two elephants named Carol and Patty. All of the animals involved deserve a better life than one of suffering inside the circus. In addition to assisting in the organization of protests and the submission of letters to the editor of local papers, CWI has mounted billboards in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is presently posted, and will follow with an additional billboard in Grand Junction, Colorado to appear in three weeks time. Ready to get involved? Visit or contact us when a circus travels to your area! Can you help to fund more billboards? Visit and note "billboards".

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