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USDA Complaint Filed Against Great Cats World Park!

We see it time and again. Animals used and abused at festivals for the amusement of visitors. Still, we were especially shocked by the flagrant disregard for animals and visitor safety at the Colorado Renaissance Festival! Elephants, camels, and a variety of exotic cats were subjected to visitor after visitor and the noise and congestion of this popular festival. One incident in particular broke our hearts... An elephant was paraded throughout the festival with a man carrying a bullhook by her side. The man was incredibly rude, telling our investigator that the elephant's name is "Psycho Killer." Yet we know her name is Paige, and at 33 years old, she deserves a better life than carrying an endless stream of visitors on her back for hours on end.

Watch our short exposé of the Colorado Renaissance Festival which reveals the sad existence of the elephants, tigers, camels, and other exotic cats forced to perform there. After watching, we know that you will agree that NO animal deserves the punishment of life in traveling entertainment. As a result of our investigation, CWI was able to file a complaint with the USDA on behalf of the exotic cats used at the festival for several violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Please share our Colorado Renaissance investigation video with family and friends and raise awareness about the dangers that the use of exotic animals poses to animals and to visitors of festivals that insist on offering cruel animal acts. Precious animals like Paige deserve to live out their lives in sanctuary, not under the threat of a bullhook.

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