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Dolphinaris proves the desert is no place for dolphins

CWI is proud to be supporting Dolphin Free AZ, which is doing the hard work on the ground of raising awareness about cruel dolphin captivity at Dolphinaris in Scottsdale, AZ.

Thanks to a grant from Lush, we have provided the activists with a new suite of custom designed vinyl posters and sturdy backing for use at their monthly demonstrations. These demonstrations are crucial to raising awareness and continuing to educate the public about the inherent cruelty of confining dolphins to a tank in the middle of the desert, where they are forced to interact with humans during "swim with the dolphins" encounters.

These posters will arrive in time for their vigil for Bodie, a 7 year old dolphin who died while being held captive at Dolphinaris. Notably, Dolphinaris opted not to share the news of Bodie's passing until the information was discovered and circulated online by animal advocates.

To get involved in Dolphinaris demonstrations, check the event section of the Dolphin Free AZ Facebook page by clicking here.

Working on a captive marine mammal issue in your community and need assistance? Reach out to us by email here.

The posters they have been sent:

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